Waterborne Advantages

One thing is for sure and that is the Collision Repair Industry is rapidly changing. For many reasons the waterborne topic seems to be a very popular subject.

PPG is the clear cut market leader in the development, and implementation of waterborne technologies. The reduced emission levels offered by waterborne basecoat paints are truly making a positive difference for the environment. PPG first released their waterborne paint system to the automotive aftermarket in 1991.  You can rest assured that your transition to waterborne will not compromise your finished product, rather improve it.

Currently Tasco Auto Color has over 100 clients using water based paint; you can count on our experience with a broad range of shops to provide you with excellent results.

Below you will find some of the additional reasons that shop owners throughout the country are making the switch to PPG’s water based paints.

Improve the Environment

_Going green with PPG’s waterborne automotive paint systems is easy—and you won’t sacrifice your shop’s performance or quality.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces production of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Improves air quality
  • Promotes health and safety of employees
  • Achieves performance and quality

Health Benefits

_Using waterborne automotive paint is better for your employees.
Since waterborne contains lower VOC than solvent, it is easier to control the air quality inside a shop or spray facility. While standard safety equipment is still required, you can virtually eliminate the harsh odors associated with using solvent based paint throughout your facility.

Product Advantage

_Envirobase High Performance represents the 3rd generation advancement of the innovative, waterborne technology that PPG originally introduced in 1999. EHP basecoat offers a premium-quality solution for collision centers that can benefit from a simple, easy-to-use system offering maximum throughput with globally-accepted OEM approvals.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient, non-stir toners
  • Anti-settle tint technology assures toner stability and long shelf-life
  • High-opacity toners
  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Excellent color match